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April 18, 2005

Papal Smear - Bar Crawl Starts @ Ginger's Trois

Greetings Party People...

Prepare thyself to honor the selection of the new pope. The day the news breaks, meet us at Ginger's Trois (246 Kearny, downtown) at 7pm. We will congregate there before proceeding to various Chinatown dives to receive the body of Christ.

Sister Bea Attitude suggests the following drink specials (bring with or ask your confused bartender for them)...

1) Piss Christ

Pint of beer with a shot of Midori (served like a boilermaker)

2) Nun with a Ruler

Equal parts Tequila and Jagermeister

3) Altar Boy Reacharound

Half and half
Marischino cherry with the stem pulled out

Spread the word....

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