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August 26, 2004

Queer Camps and Events On The Playa

We have compiled a partial list of the queer(ish) camps and events at Burning Man. If you'd like to add to this list, email barney_schlockum@yahoo.com

See you at Black Rock City.


6:30 and Earth

In 2001, we brought you the now infamous AstroNaughty Show. For 2002, we created the hottest chill space on the playa, the Happy Dolphin Lounge. In 2003, we joined forces with the Avalon community, and create a space for stray pups to find redemption: The Temple of Eternal Dalmatian. In 2004, were creating our biggest adventure yet — The Dog Star Saloon!

The AstroPups have journeyed to the Vault of Heaven from the far distant Dog Star Universe. The AstroPups will be sending out "AstroPup Space Probes" — official explorers of the Vault of Heaven sent into the Universe to collect images and samples of what they find there. The Probes will then return to the AstroPup Base Camp (aka, the Dog Star Saloon) in the Avalon Space Station and deliver what they have found as a part of their journey into the universe. Materials and images collected during the Probe exploration will be posted on this AstroPups web site once the AstroPup Scientists have had a chance to analyze the data.

We are looking for adventurers who wish to be AstroPups Space Probes. Candidates can come by the AstroPups Dog Star Saloon to pick up their official Space Probe Packs at our Space Probe Launch Party on Wednesday evening. To be an official Space Probe of the AstroPups, candidates must demonstrate sufficient Puppy-ness, and a willingness to probe the most interesting, and possibly dangerous, parts of the Vault of Heaven.

Once sent off into the Universe, AstroPups Space Probes are encouraged to find images and samples of all parts of the Vault of Heaven. After collecting the appropriate materials, the Space Probes are encouraged to bring the results back to the Dog Star Saloon on Saturday afternoon at our Space Probe Return Party. Rewards will be given to those Space Probes that bring back the most interesting materials from the Vault of Heaven.

4:30 and Uranus

Camp Celestial Bodies is one that has grown from just a few burners to more than 60 over the years. Made up of gay men, mostly, who love to burn, we should be right around 4:30 and Uranus (duh!). Look for the blue Celestial Bodies Flag and a family of pink flamingos. We have virgin and veteran burners from Sacramento, San Francisco, Vegas, Tahoe, Reno, and other places. It's possible that Mr. Jiffy Lube 2003 will be camping with us again this year! There will be several activities happening. Planned Activities include:

  • Jockey Briefs painting (painted on while you wear them . . . mmmm)
  • Hat making (wild paper bag hats. . . and BM must)
  • 4 o'clocks at 4 o'clock (gifting of the seeds of the heavens . . . remember BM 2004 for years to come)
  • Alien Physical Inspection Station (Doctor. . . . your probe)
  • and more...

7:30 and Mercury

We strive to create a welcoming, enriching, and stress-free space filled with art and activities promoting nourishing relief and cheerful bemusement to all who come. We are a caring, fun-loving neighborhood-focused community that provides Comfort & Joy to fellow Black Rock City citizens.

Comfort & Joy's organizational strategy is to provide a comprehensive playa facility with a broad "umbrella" theme that encompasses a wide variety of projects and remains relevant from year to year.

We are a siesta camp that hosts relaxing and restorative events in the spirit of a community center like the Women's Building or LGBT Center in San Francisco. At Comfort & Joy events people can engage their neighbors while recovering from the desert's challenging environment and stimulating culture.

6:30 and Earth

Part of the Avalon Space Station, visit their website for details.

6:30 and Jupiter

Penetration Village and JiffyLube are back for Burning Man 2004! Teaming up with the boys from Instigator Magazine this year, we'll offer bigger and better man-on-man fun on the playa!

Just like in previous years, we're planning numerous sex and adult themed camps as part of Penetration Village. It will be gathering of gay and bi-sexual themed camps who will collectively encourage a hot and sex-positive atmopshere on the playa in 2004.

7:30 and Venus

Capture your own personal "Vault of Heaven" on film in what has become a Burning Man tradition of the Genital Portrait Studio. Chochas, hoo-haas, dicks, pricks, cocks and balls, cunts, pussies, pee-pees, twigs n' berries, schwanzes, schlongs, dongs, axe wounds, vertical tacos, johnsons, willies, peters, (oh, and boobs, tits, teats, melons, knockers, honkers, hooters); you got 'em, we'll shoot 'em and provide you with the essential Burning Man Genital ID card which must be displayed at all times on the playa for identity verification by our omnipresent undercover staff, who WILL ENFORCE our utterly random PENIL CODE (sic) should you be caught without one.

8:00 and Mars

All you faggy high-plains drifters come hang out at the cabin and share the love. Couches, libations, mellow tunes, and friendly town folks during the day (bring somethin to hang on the XXX rated clothesline). Front Porch Dirty Storytelling daily at dusk. At night the “Little House” becomes the “Throbbing Cock Saloon” with old school funk and house music. Tuesday night @ 10pm is our Get to Know Your Neighbors Town Meetin’. Thursday night @ 10pm join us for a good ol’ fashioned Barn Burnin’ Dance Party and LoveFest.

9 o'clock Plaza

60's pop art-psychodelia themed Queer Wine Bar and Lounge catering to queer and queer friendly burners-
Groovaliscious sound and video projection system and free flowing wine bar

(part of Avalon Space Station)
6:30 and Earth

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Camp is a temple hidden in the nether decks of the Avalon Space Station. Pilgrims weary from their trip through the asteroid field can enter the Pagoda to be served. While enjoying your coffee, relax in the Bamboo Grove and chat with other coffee-drinkers and visitors to the Avalon Space Station.



Meet at 10pm sharp at Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (possibly Friday or Saturday)

Join GQB for some spontaneous manifestations and infestations of queerness on the playa. We'll meet nightly at 10pm at Comfort & Joy and then migrate en masse to random locations. The visually and acoustically loudest person will be given a megaphone and appointed our designated driver for the evening. With no plan, no organization, and no agenda, who knows where we'll go or what will happen. Bring your bike, and bring lots of boozy treats for you and your new friends. Loud, visible-at-a-distance type of attire is strongly recommended.

3am-6am, Tuesday-Sunday
Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

Enjoy cuddles with your playa honey, meet some new friends, and come down gently in our plush, enclosed lounge at Afterglow, geared for queers and folks like you.

Sunset to Sunrise
Jiffy Lube, 6:30 and Jupiter

Their slogan, "Get In, Get Off, Get Out", says all that needs to be said. If you're feeling a bit randy, stop by for some fast, efficient service.

4-5pm, Monday through Thursday
Comfort and Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

Fuzzy hosts this gentle afternoon yoga class inspired by the Kundalini approach with a focus on spinal flexibility, digestion, and breathing. Expect a low to moderate impact class with special attention paid to relaxing and mobilizing your back and oxygenating your blood! No experience needed but please know your limits. Bring mat, towel or something to sit on.

*** MONDAY ***

2-4pm, Monday & Wednesday
Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

Prepare for the glorious week ahead by pampering yourself and others with a soothing foot massage and pedicure at this self-service salon. Find fellow foot aficionados to trade pedicures, gossip, and playa fashion tips. Your hosts will provide moisturizing cremes, colorful polishes, and tools; bring your creative self & touch up your look!

*** TUESDAY ***

10pm -- ??
Meet at Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

(see GQB listing above)


10pm, at Little House on the Playa, 8:00 and Mars


2-4pm @ Comfort & joy
(see Monday listings)


Avalon Space Station, Starts at 7 pm, 6:30 and Earth

For all those wishing to be official explorers from the Dog Star, this is your chance! Come by the Saloon on Wednesday evening to pick up your AstroPups Space Probe Pack — all of the materials that you will need to explore and collect samples of the Universe. Well be giving out Space Probe Packs to those guests that demonstrate the appropriate Puppy-ness as they will be representing the Dog Star in their explorations.

Also on Wednesday, join the filmmakers of "Welcome Home: Living at Burning Man", a documentary exploring how 30,000 people can come to a barren desert and call it home. Besides meeting the filmmakers, attendees will have the chance to contribute and be interviewed for the film. For more information on the film, check out http://www.adogandponyshow.com — be sure to add your own "home" stories!


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Nights 9PM-11PM
at Qube Lounge and Wine Bar, 9 O'Clock Plaza (see listing)


Wednesday, 10pm sharp, meet at Comfort & Joy (7:30 and Mercury)
(see listing above)


Sunset to Sunrise
6:30 and Jupiter

Those notorious HARDCORE slutboys of JIFFYLUBE Camp cordially invite all jaded faggots to a special UNCENSORED evening of NASTY frivolity at "QUEERBAR". sunset til sunrise FABULOUS, FIERCE, FREAKY, & wholly ...JUST NOT RIGHT.

*** THURSDAY ***

Thursday, 11am-2pm
Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

Come to C&J for some home-cooked solids and bubbly liquids (until they're gone!) and dance and ho-cialize with fellow patients.


Avalon Space Station, 6:30 and Earth
Starts at 2pm

Take a break from the heat of the day, and join the AstroPups in the Dog Star Saloon with our special Scratch and Sniff Lounge. Pass into the light with the AstroPups at our dog grooming parlor. Refresh and renew yourself with funky beats, a flea dip, and your favorite dog treats.


Thursday, 7-9pm
Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

Calling all dykes, trannies, fags and freaks! Convene with sparkly queers from all over the playa at this dusk soiree, and make new connections with fellow inverts just like you! Start your evening off right by gathering with kindred spirits and enhance your enjoyment of the playa's nighttime treats. B.Y.O.Intoxicant)


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Nights 9PM-11PM
at Qube Lounge and Wine Bar, 9 O'Clock Plaza (see listing)

*** FRIDAY ***

Dogstar Saloon, Avalon Space Station, 6:30 and Earth
2-5 pm

From the folk who spent good time in Lovelock County Jail last year for Infamous Crimes Against Nature comes a chill-out for the playa derelicts in all of us! Come relax at the Jail within Avalon Space Station (A.S.S.) at 6:30 and Earth! Come as your underexposed secret criminal -- or your law-abiding police officer persona! Get a photo of your stay in the Slammer to send to the folks back home. Take a break from your scandalous playa conquests. Or even have us whisper gentle suggestions for your own playa travesties! Complete with goodies, there's no surer way than our tasty ICANdy Slammers to put you behind bars!


Friday, 4pm-6pm
Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

Comfort and Joy invites fags over 40 and their friends to join us for an afternoon tea social. Enjoy cooling refreshments and fun & games with other grownups. Bring a dish, story, song, or work of art to share. Our younger friends are most welcome, especially if they're bright, witty, and willing to serve those cooling refreshments.


Friday, September 3 at 5 pm
Avalon Space Station, 6:30 and Earth, BRC

Slap on your big Wig n' Boobs and come "Work the Playa" and cause some chaos with glamour-puss Madame Erica Candy Cane for the very first (soon-to-be annual) "Romp of the Playa Hookers" through Black Rock City. All genders, sexual (dis)orientations, and specialists welcomed. Just dress skimpy, wear an obscene amount of makeup, and try to look pretty, girls. Gigolos and pimps (B.Y.O. gold chains and chest hair) also warmly welcomed.

Be prepared to go hitch-hooking for art car rides and if we oh-so innocently end up stumbling upon the ending point blow out bash of a well-established annual BM tradition that selectively shuns half the (male) population in a brazen blur of bare breasts and bicycles, then.....oops and tee hee!

Disclaimer: Although prostitution is legal in Nevada, the acceptance of money is strictly prohibited in Black Rock City. Don't take the Romp of the Playa Hookers too seriously...or we'll seriously take you!


Starts at 8 pm, Dogstar Saloon
Avalon Space Station, 6:30 and Earth

Come run away with the circus! Join the AstroPups and the Fire Mystics of Avalon for an evening of fire spinning, music and magic. Performers of all types are invited to enter our ring, clown around, or just enjoy the show.

At the close of the Cirque du Sharpei, the AstroPups will initiate all those new Pups - first year Burners and strays that we pick up on the playa. Dogs of all types are welcome — be you pedigree or stray — just come with an open mind and prepare to be licked. The initiation ritual will be followed by a celebration of Puppy-ness with AstroPups, ChewToys, and all the friends that we've made on the playa!


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Nights 9PM-11PM
at Qube Lounge and Wine Bar, 9 O'Clock Plaza (see listing)


Friday, September 3 at 10pm - 1am-ish
Comfort & Joy, 7:30 and Mercury

Meet up at the C&J Garage with your hosts The Pit Crew before you tear out for a late Friday night. A total freshening tune-up for all your parts will be available!



Space Probe Return Party @ Dogstar Saloon
Avalon Space Station, 6:30 and Earth
Starts at 2pm

What interesting things did our AstroPups Space Probes find on their trips around the Universe? Come and find out at our Space Probe Return Party. Rewards will be given to those Probes that bring back their Probe Packs full of interesting items from the Vault of Heaven. Special cool drinks and chill treats will be available for all dogs that come our way.

Come and join the AstroPups at the Dog Star Saloon!


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